Tropical Storm Kajiki (Kabayan)

On August 30, a tropical depression formed to the east of Luzon. On the same day, it briefly weakened into a low pressure area and regenerated six hours later into a tropical depression at midnight on August 31. It passed through the Batanes Islands, and PAGASA upgraded the system to a tropical depression, naming it Kabayan. However, the system exited Philippine area of responsibility shortly thereafter. Kabayan made landfall in Hainan by September 1, by late September 2, Kabayan upgraded into a tropical storm, naming it Kajiki. Shortly thereafter, Kajiki made landfall over Vietnam. Kajiki interact with a weak tropical depression in Hainan and re-intensify once more. However, Kajiki remained its intensity as a weak tropical depression after it had recurved backed over open waters. The system had weakened and was last noticed on September 7.